An Overlord List….

  It's  incredible how all the heroes in movies and books seem to always win. They always find a way to defy the odds, be it a teenager defeating the most powerful dark wizard of all time, or hero on brink of doom saying 'O look a butterfly' and the stupid villian too turns and says ''ooo …

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​ I looked you in the eye   and you looked at my ears   I told you I was scared Broken promises nd unpaid vows But you said 'lemons shall you have' Lemonade aint hard to make then.   But the snail went up slowly and slowly carrying all it's possessions Mount Fuji rocked …

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 The tears come down now There is no stopping the rivers Memories believed long buried and forgotten Come back to haunt But where is the priest!? Where is the exorcist!? Where are the prophets!? O how they haunt! No water quenches the flames 'Useless' they are denounced!