13 Reasons Why is destined to become a Cult Classic

When I first heard of 13 Reasons Why, I expected another High school drama reminiscent of almost all CW drama(looking at you Riverdale) . You know the whole setting…. Young supermodels trying to look terrible and ugly and the lead character is soo gorgeous but still can’t seem to get the person of their dreams and a sprinkling of mystery and caricature teenage angst that reminds you of a cereal commercial.

Anyway, I’m not here to talk about those shows.. I’m here for 13 Reasons Why.

The first thing that got me interested in the show was the network. Netflix time and again has churned out high quality,impressive shows over the last couple of years( Baring Iron Fist, which I’m yet to see since my brother said it is a terrible show).
A show about teenagers in high school and the things they do isn’t going to have much success on a network that heavily censors it’s programs. This is where Netflix excels. The teenagers act like teenagers. They hook up and cuss and fight. High school bullying is not just portrayed by the bully knocking books out of others hands’ but is portrayed as a terrible thing. The actions of these characters is annoying and sometimes damn infuriating and agitating….. Just like real life. Never in recent memory(Perks of being a Wallflower excluded) has teenage angst and ennui being so accurately portrayed. 

Hannah’s(Katherine Langford) parents'(Kate Walsh and Brian d’Arcy James) grief is so real, so touching, so raw, that I must admit I almost cried at some point.

One of the main themes of the show, i.e, Hannah’s suicide is something that you don’t have to be dead to relate to. She initially comes of as a fun,hippy,smarter than her peers kind of person, but she’s still a teenager, and so still does the dumb things they all do. What could drive such a person to suicide? Over the course of 13 great episodes, we find out why.

Clay (Dylan Minnette) gives an incredible performance. As a nerd(and proud) he is someone I can relate to. One of my favorite scenes was where he confessed he used to watch Lord Of The Rings on repeat. But despite all his quirks, adorable quirks, he and Hannah quickly become friends, with the premise of something more. He listens to the tapes and takes us through his perspective on the events that lead to Hannah’s suicide. I must admit I love the fact that he rides a bike through town and isn’t cruising around in a Mustang…as I said, adorable.

One of the complaints people have had  is the duration of time it takes him to listen to the tapes. But as someone who has gone through the loss of a loved one, nothing is more haunting than you having to listen to them speak to you postmortem, throw in the fact that you might have had a hand in their death and I’ll listen as slowly as possible too..

A final review will be coming( I’ve only seen 9 episodes) so do follow my blog and subscribe via email in the link below.

13 Reasons Why is destined to become a cult classic…


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