5 Questions raised by the Justice League trailer

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I am still hyped about the Justice League trailer and here is my Justice League Trailer first time reaction!!!!!!!!!!

The clip gave us our first look at the team dynamics, exotic locations, new allies, and of course some Bat-vehicles.

And though we already had a ton of questions about the film’s overall plot and conflict, the trailer didn’t really spoil anything. In fact, it just made is wonder a bit more.

There are a few key mysteries highlighting the film, not the least of which is how Darkseid, Steppenwolf, and the Parademons will factor into the film.

But there are other, somewhat more minor questions we want to ask and hopefully get an answer to when Justice League hits theaters later this year.

Did you catch all of these references in the trailer and find yourself wondering?

Why Were The Amazons Fighting The Parademons?

The Amazons seem to play a key role here, even though they were only featured in a quick, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it scene.

After they debut later this summer in the Wonder Woman movie, Justice League will provide even more Amazonian action in the form of a massive battle sequence.

The warriors appear to be going up against the hordes of Apokalypse, with Parademons shown gliding around in the background. And the battlefield appears as if it Apokalyptian weapons are cracking the ground, or creating patterns of fire to stem the tide of Amazons.

But it also appears like the battle does not take place on Thymiscera, given the mountain range in the background. So what are they doing on the mainland?

Previously revealed details say that three Motherboxes were placed on Earth, given to the forces of the Amazons, the Atlanteans, and humans in an effort to protect them from Apokalypse.

Perhaps this is a hint at one of Darkseid’s first attempts to retrieve the objects.

5 questions justice league amazon parademon apokalypse battle


2.What Was The Previous Age Of Heroes?

While speaking with Bruce Wayne Diana says, “They said the age of heroes would never come again?”

This line of questioning indicates that there was a previous ‘age of heroes,’ which obviously begs even more analysis.

When did this previous age occur? Was it during a time when the Amazons and Atlanteans coexisted alongside the larger population on the planet? Or are they referencing something else?

It could be a reference to the Justice Society, which seems doubtful unless the Wonder Woman film reveals something previously unknown about the characters during the Great War. But given that Wonder Woman is a solo operator during that time, and that no one refers to them when Superman arrives in Man Of Steel, the JSA’s existence seems unlikely.

So who else could she be referring to with that line?

5 questions justice league age of heroes

3. Will The Flash Learn How To Time Travel?

Scenes showing Barry Allen gave a glimpse into the character’s motivations and backstory, hinting that his history might not be far off from his comic book (and television) counterpart.

The Flash is seen visiting someone in jail, and anyone who knows about the character’s mythos could tell you that’s likely the character’s father.

Henry Allen was framed for the murder of his wife Nora and subsequently thrown in jail. Barry has been on a quest to rescue him from a wrongful imprisonment ever since.

And alongside that, Flash has also demonstrated extreme levels of superspeed that make the TV version seem tame in comparison.

Sure, a bigger budget goes a long way when creating visual effects, but they could always push that even further. The Flash has repeatedly played integral parts in huge crossover comic events, and many of those sequences require the character to utilize the Speed Force and, sometimes, travel through time.

Could Barry be forced to push himself to the brink and unlock a previously unknown ability?

5 questions justice league the flash time travel

4. Who Were Batman’s Old Allies?

One of the funniest lines in the trailer was when former J. Jonah Jameson and current Commissioner Jim Gordon—played by J.K. Simmons—said to Batman on a rooftop as he meets the new team, “It’s good to see you playing well with others, again.”

While it seems like a throwaway line, it’s actually loaded with references to Batman’s history, outlook, and current status in the DC Cinematic Universe.

In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Bruce Wayne is borderline despondent and driven in his quest to rid the world of a potentially deadly threat.

That film indicates this version of the character has faced traumatic loss in his quest as Batman, including the death of Robin at the hands of his nemesis the Joker. Plus there’s the announcement that a Nightwing film is possibly on the way.

But could Gordon be referencing any other former sidekicks? Batman is known to take a child or two under his wing to draw gunfire away from himself train them to be crimefighters.

Could Gordon be referencing other characters such as Batgirl or Batwoman? Spoiler? Huntress? Batwing? Azrael? Bluebird? Red Hood? Carrie Kelly? Red Robin? Talon? Nightrunner? Orphan? Ace the Bathound? Bat-Mite? Bat Cow? We could go on and on…

5 questions justice league batman allies bat family

5. How Will Superman Return?

This one is probably the most important one of all, and one that Zack Snyder doesn’t want to reveal so soon.

After making the ultimate sacrifice in Batman v Superman, the world mourned the loss of their greatest protector. But that filmed end with a hint that the character wouldn’t be absent for long.

Henry Cavill is a part of the cast, also, meaning that Superman will likely make a huge impact somewhere in the film’s plot. But how?

Will his body be recovered and revived by Apokalyptian technology? Darkseid has shown to kill Supermen across the multiverse in the New 52 continuity, and Snyder seems to be pulling a lot of reference from that era of storytelling. But this would be slightly different, as maybe Superman would then be under the thrall of Darkseid and eventually fight his friends for a bit.

Or will Superman’s return be more in line with the original Death and Return Of storylines, in which his body is recovered and regenerated with Kryptonian technology?

Or, as indicated by the final scene in BvS, Superman might have only died temporarily, and by the time he was placed in a coffin he had already begun healing.



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