Why I am so pumped about the Justice League Movie….

Justice League Poster.

When it was announced after BvS that there was going to be a Justice League movie, I was not excited. I am a huge DC fanboy, so it hurts to see DC movies doing so badly ,if not financially, at the critics. I also hold the view that the movies sucked and are a tad below expectations.

Many people , I am sure, felt and still feel the same way. Especially considering the fact that we havd the same old Zack Snyder at the helm of affairs. But over the course of the last 1 week , I have hope. The Justice League is going to be huge.

Her is why.

  1. The FlashFLASH.jpgOf all the members of the League, the one that has got me excited the most is the Fastest man alive. The first trailer of the movies show him as an awkward , hyperactive kid, although he reminds me of Tom Hollands’ spiderman in Civil War, which is by no means a bad thing, if anything makes me like him the more. This week we also say the teaser for the big trailer today.giphy.gif

2.The Batman

From the trailers that were released, gone is the dark, brooding, moody, extremely violent, inarticulate Batman. We now have a Batman that as the official synopsis says ” has his faith in humanity restored’, even though I don’t know how the events of BvS caused this change in him( hope the movie clears this up).

Anyway, it’s good to see Batman smile an share a joke, albeit a not too funny one with Wonderwoman.

3. Jason Momoa……..Nuff Said

giphy (2).gif

I simply cannot imagine a better Aquaman than him. I just can’t!!

4. The Return Of Superman.

It’s no secret that the man of steel did not really die, as we can see levitating dirt on his coffin at the end of BvS . But what fans, me included will be looking forward to, is the how, when and omygodness of his return.





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