Justice League Trailer first time reaction!!!!!!!!!!



Yeah, that’s my reaction. Zack Snyder might have 99 and 1 problems, but special effects and camera angles ain’t one of them. The trailer was gorgeous!. I continue to have high hopes  for this movie.

Her are some things I found really cool about the trailer:

1.MotherBox that morphed into Cyborg?


In the scene above we see Victor’s dad( Victor aka Cyborg) in what seems to be Victors’ room and he sees something that looks suspiciously like a Motherbox. In case you don’t know, when you hear the word ‘motherbox’ it leads to a certain Darkseid , though I doubt if this movie will have him make an appearance. The motherbox seems to have a connection with Cyborg though, so it will be great to see how that connection is shown in the movie….

2. The Flash


He is turning out to be my favorite character in the movie. The new take on his speed force thingy seems really cool and awesome. No red and orange streaks that make him look like a cartoon. He also fought a parademon in the trailer and it as cool to see how he took (him?,her? it? ) out.

3. Aquaman and Mera


Aquaman( Jason Momoa) also looked great. Ok , great is an understatement. He was freaking cool. The gruff voice, the rough  look and the ‘o , a bat. I dig it’ moment make him awesome. Queen ,Mera also makes an appearance in the trailer.

4. The return of Superman?

SOmething or someone we did not see in the trailer was Superman. It is looking very likely, or Zack is being cryptic, that he might not make an appearance. But e see Lois Lane, his girlfriend looking up at the sky or at something or someone.vlcsnap-2017-03-25-20h20m26s455.pngwho she’s looking at we don’t know. But how cool if it were the Man Of Steel, eh. Fingers crossed!!.

5. The battle scene


We see a battle playing out(no pun intended) in the still above. Who are fighting? Is this on earth, or some other planet or dimension?. I don’t know. But what I do know is that the Amazonians make an appearance


As the Wonderwoman movie comes out before the JL movie, it’s likely we will see some then familiar faces among the fearsome warriors. We might just happen to get a 300 like battle sequence…. o shit!!!

That’s all I have for now, anything I missed guys? Let me know in the comment section and feel free to share.

BONUS: Is that the suicide squad?!!!vlcsnap-2017-03-25-20h17m28s035.png


2 thoughts on “Justice League Trailer first time reaction!!!!!!!!!!

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