Exactly My Point.

Hello guys. Hope you are all spiffing well. Lol. I’ll always thank The Weasley twins for that word ‘spiffing’. A smart and goofy word. Today was cool. I helped out a friend with sending a mail and we were searching for network up and down the street. We finally got a spot on the street where the network did not make me want to tear my hair out(if I had any hair).

Unfortunately, it was in front of a church.

Yeah, I just used the word ‘unfortunately’ and ‘church’ together. Why? They were ‘speaking in tongues’. I mean come on, apart from the all the confusion caused from the pulpits with their conflicting teachings, attitudes, and behaviour, they decide to throw speaking in a language no one understands into the mix. Actually, that is not my issue. The issue I have is the hyprocrisy. Case study, Apostle Suleman. Lol, I know, But I’m not talking about him either.

The girl in charge of the praise and worship lives with a guy I know. And she uses that mouth to ‘praise the Mighty Jesus’. But neither am I here to talk about that either. The ‘bother on the drums. He is someone I know. I think he’d do better drumming something else… if you get my drift. But neither am I here to talk about him either.

Fact is, I don’t know what to talk about. I am just rambling and ranting.

Bear with me.


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