Lagos Memoirs

So what happened again? Ah, yeah, it is a woman this time.

So about 2 weeks ago, I woke up on a Sunday morning and for reasons i am not going to disclose, I went to Isolo that morning.

It was kind of awkward standing at the junction in my Crocs( ugly ones) ,my faded jeans and my Chelsea “show your muscle’ shirt ( and no, I am NOT a chelsea fan). All around me were families and single folks in their Sunday best and i was in their midst looking like the guy that usually appears when your car breaks down on the road asking ‘oga, wetin happen” with “my ghana must go’ jingling with tools… ok I am starting to digress. Sorry.
Anyway, a Keke Napep or Maruwa pulled up beside me and to my utmost surprise I heard a feminine voice call out ‘ Randabout randabout’ . Yup, it was a woman driving. Yes a woman was the driver of the commercial vehicle. 


I got into the vehicle.. I admit I was surprised it was a woman driving but as long as you can do your job and do it well, I do not care if it were a cute bunny driving. Ok i’d be bothered, but once again i digress. Sorry.  
Anyway, what is my point? It is this.

I got into that vehicle, but the rest of the people in their Sunday best, going to “worship” did not. Why? Because it was a woman doing the job. One man in his suit actually got into the vehicle and literally jumped out when he saw the woman. Another couple after entering pretended to have forgotten something at home or at the bus-stop. It was sad. Here is a person trying hard to fend for herself and her family but because of her gender, oh no!, she ain’t fit to do the job?

It is incredibly sad the way women are treated. Really sad. 
I know there are males like me who feel this way too. Women are special, beautiful, strong, competent , dedicated and , pardon my geek jargon , freaking awesome! DO NOT look down on them.!
From the Gentleman-in-Denim and Ugly Glasses


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