The Swarm

via Daily Prompt: Swarm

Mike looked about excitedly. He had received a phone call from Mr Adams who owned the pet store that morning. “Hello Mike, I got something you will love, come to the shop tomorrow and check it out”. Mr Adams never disappointed. He always had cool stuff for Mike to play with. Maybe this time the animals would live long enough before they spoiled the fun by dying.

Mr Adams looked up as he heard footsteps approaching. Mike. He saw a young , goodlooking human coming towards him. He had high cheekbones and a shock of curly hair, the kind that made the females swoon. His normally brown eyes stared and darted at the same time like a junkie looking for his next fix. Those were he only things that betrayed his excitement. Every other part of his body radiated cool and composure. Mr Adams did not care. Not that he was a sadist or anything like the human approaching him, but he simply could not are since he was not human. “Hello, Mike, good to see you” which was a lie. “Yeah,yeah, good to see you too, you said you had something for me.where is it?” Mr Adams felt something that we humans refer to as annoyance flirt across the sea of his consciousness.  “O, yes. I believe so. I believe you will like this. You will like this very much”

Mr Adams took him to the back of the store. That was where he kept all the cool animals. Mike had no time for the dogs and cats and goldfish and whatever it was other people found cute and cuddly. They died too quickly. Dogs could not survive flaying. Cats were tougher to play with. He remembered with a smile the time he had feed the cat with its food and had put razor blade bits in there as well. O my, that night he had a good time. Hell yes he did. But it was the exotic animals that got him going. Th rare ones. The nearly extinct ones. It brought him such great fun and satisfaction to see the light leave the eyes of the last of a kind.

“Wait here” Mr Adams said. “They get a bit twitchy sometimes, you have to be careful around the swarm”Ants_Conga_01.jpg



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