Norse Mythology 

So I spent my Thursday evening reading the new book from the great Neil Gaiman. Norse Mythology. Here are my thoughts. 

The books opens like something from the Bible… In the beginning. But the comparisons end there(before some people start screaming “blasphemy !”) .

We are introduced to some of the gods.. the wise all-father Odin, the mighty but simple Thor, the beautiful and cruel Freya, and everyone’s favourite anti-hero, the God of mischief himself, Loki.

These Norse gods are neither good or evil, they are cunning, vindictive, cruel, kind and display every spectrum of emotion, from love to hate to despair to delight. 

Gaiman once again proves he is the king of the gods. Their word himself, after the success of American Gods( which is coming to tv soon) he once again delivers pure gold.

More reviews will be coming, but for now, if you need something to read for the weekend I recommend Norse Mythology. 


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