Logan. Bittersweet Goodbye ( Spoiler Free)

I didn’t have high hopes for Logan. I mean how many times have we seen movies with a hero who believes he isn’t a hero and someone who comes along to make him whole again… too familiar a trope. But in a sea of clichés and familiar tropes, Logan is a breath of fresh air.

Hugh Jackman cements his status as one of the best actors to ever wear a beard and claws. He was mecurial. Patrick Stewart was so good he got me getting  the feels when he says goodbye. All round great acting.

There was quite a bit of cursing in the movie reminiscent of a certain red Anti-hero( looking at you,Wade) which was quite surprising but was not gratuitous. And there was a brief scene with nudity.

Logan is a great movie, arguably one of the best superhero movies made, right up there with Watchmen.Logan is broken, and you can’t help but feel his pain. Seeing him take punishment and beatings was hard considering the kind of powerhouse he used to be. The movie keeps alluding to the fact that everything in the end, even The Wolverine ends. An interesting scene was where Logan told Laura ‘ The people that drew this stuff are wrong, I’m not who he made you think I am. I suck at this’.

This is all I can say from my first viewing of Logan. I’ll definitely see it again. And if you are planning too, please do, you won’t regret it.

Next to be reviewed is Neil Gaimans’ Norse Mythology, a most excellent piece of work.


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