Yelemade woke up quite suddenly. The kind of waking up that feels like you fell from your dream into the real world. That Fall. Anyway,he searched for  his Nokia Asha phone without opening his eyes and used his hand to search the bed. Checking the phone he saw it was switched off and he put it on. As the white light from the startup screen came on he dropped it back on the bed. His area felt itchy and he wasnt one to refuse a good scratching of an itch. “Ta ra  ra raaa” screeched the phone( It had a bust speaker,not his fault though). “Shit”. It was 5am. He was definitely going to be late. He groaned as he got out of bed slowly. I mean whats the point of rushing when you are late already,right?. He started thinking of what lie he was going to tell his IT supervisor as he stood in the shower. “Well, i could tell him that my bus broke down”(happens all the time in lagos,right). “Or I could tell him i had a runny tummy(works most of the time too,yeah?). As he stood thinking under the shower,he heard a rumble. “Is that thunder? he thought. He heard it again,fainter this time. Definitely Thunder. He grinned and looked at the sky from outside his bathroom window. Though it was still dark,he could see little flashes of light in the sky. “Thank you” he whispered.


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