Drinking with Friends

Ale,Rum,Beer,Cider. Whatever tickles your fancy,you call it. Oguro,Ogogoro,Ororo.Whatever makes you sleep better you call it. Anyway,I always wondered what would make someone with full possession of his senses get drunk. I mean,you gotta know when you are at the edge of Drunkland. What would make you not drink 3 bottles of Fanta or Coke,but will make you drink more than 4 bottles of “honourable”,Heineken,or their Royal Drunkesties.
I was with a group of friends on a weekend at a place in Ibadan(they’ve got a swimming pool,a terrible view but the “pepperish” asun I have ever tasted. They’re not paying me so I ain’t promoting them by giving their name). Mind you,I had attended a wedding earlier that day and I had 1 bottle of Heineken under my belt already. Anyway I odered for another bottle of Heineken and was sipping waiting for the “asun” . Due to the ineptitude of the serving boys I finished my beer and still had no “aasun” in front of me. I ordered another. Yeah, Heineken (I love that beer,it’s soo smooth,triple distilled baby). But then I felt it. I was at the edge. Now I had a choice to make. Do I drink this last bottle,and become a temporary king of Drunkland, or do I stop there and then?. How would my friends look at me? The guy that couldn’t hold his own against Heineken,or the guy who battled to the end despite losing some of his dignity and self-respect? In those moments of indecision and at the precipice of the cliff,I realized it. What? The reason why guys without problems tended to get drunk. It was because of their Damn friends!. Anyway,I thought, If I drink this bottle,what will happen? I would get drunk,yes? Yes. I would be laughed at,yes? Yes. I would lose the respect of people around me,yes? Yes. I would make Someone unhappy,yes? Yes. Well,my mind was made up. Nobody was gonna make me drunk except myself. And so,with a heavy though foggy heart,I handed my bottle to my friend. In that moment,I honestly felt good about myself. Really good. It was worth it.

P.S . The “aasun” later came,and it was fiery pepperish. Unfortunately,I had given my beer to someone else. You know the rest😂😤😧

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